The tariff for a Small Cottage is Rs. 6490/- (Indian Rupees Six Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety only) per night for two persons.

The tariff for a Large Cottage is Rs. 8142/- (Indian Rupees Eight Thousand and One Hundred and Forty Two only) per night for two persons.

The tariff for the Twin Large Cottage (Two Large Cottages under one roof) is Rs. 16284/- (Indian Rupees Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Four only) per night. 

Travel Advisory: The Cottages are situated in the midst of a forest on a hill side. This requires walking up and down some slopes and stairs. The Small Cottages are at one location, all in one row separated by about twenty five feet from each other. The Large Cottages are in a row separated by about seventy five feet from each other. The distance between the Small Cottages and the Large Cottages is about one hundred metres.

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